Nanotronics Health

Nanotronics Health, LLC, is a subsidiary of Nanotronics.

Powered by Nanotronics, we leverage Intelligent Factory Control (IFC) to build and customize affordable, well-designed, medical devices that are easily manufactured quickly, and at-scale, to meet global accessibility needs.

The first product, nHale™, was concepted, designed, built, and received Emergency Use Authorization from the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) in under 90 days.

Our mission is to speed recovery from the current crisis and ensure a more stable future.

Intelligent Factory Control™

Intelligent Factory Control (IFC) enables humans and machines to work together to autonomously correct for irregularities in the production process, providing increased quality assurance. Its viability has been demonstrated within additive manufacturing, making truly intelligent self-inspecting, self-optimizing factories an achievable goal. Not only does the platform improve yield but, at its best, has the ability to transform manufacturing by significantly reducing waste, simplifying supply chains, controlling costs and footprint, while fostering higher levels of creativity and innovation.

The Intelligent Factory Control (IFC) platform supports accelerated innovation and fosters rapid and cost-effective scaling of products for demanding mass markets. Through its capacity to transform modern manufacturing, Nanotronics gives companies the ability to reduce their environmental impact, enhance the creativity and quality of the workplace and use their smaller footprint to locate factories within communities in desperate need of economic growth and opportunity – many of the same communities that formed the backbone of the last great era of factory manufacturing.