Deeann Vasquez-Medrano

Technical Product Manager

DeeAnn Vasquez-Medrano is currently a technical project manager at Nanotronics.

As an NPI engineer, manufacturing engineer, project engineer, and consultant in the aerospace, defense, and semiconductor industries, DeeAnn has led company-wide SIOP (Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning) initiatives, developed new strategies for production planning, capacity, and linearity, led the introduction of newly-developed manufacturing equipment, managed cost-savings, and led customer and internal failure investigations. DeeAnn has led various design, manufacturing, quality, and testing engineering projects, created and standardized documentation, and developed, launched, and managed e-commerce.

DeeAnn has a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Stanford University with concentrations in smart product design and thermosciences and a minor in human biology. She studied under the pre-medical curriculum and conducted research in radiation oncology at the Stanford School of Medicine.